Ringparabel in Teatro Bellini, Naples (Italy)

In February 2019 at the Teatro Bellini in Naples Gloria Brunis Ringparabel Symphony took place as a ballet. In the same month it was also staged in the Teatro Comunale, Treia.

The story is inspired by the parable of the ring, as told in “Nathan the Wise” by Lessing and in “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio.

It tells about the Jew Nathan, who answers the question of what is the true religion by referring to the parable of the three identical rings, symbolizing the three great monotheistic religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism – that are copies of the only real lost ring.  It is therefore a metaphor about the three great monotheisms, but also a harsh reflection on the useless and dangerous fundamentalisms as well as religious, cultural and social fanaticism.

The work composed by Gloria Bruni , orchestrated by Lauro Ferrarini was put on stage by Aurelio Gatti,  has a cast of seven dancers, and one  actor Sebastiano Tringali.
All the characters in the parable rise from the scene, meet and clash continuously, forced into perimeters that seem unchangeable, while singing, music and dance open up on endless perspectives.