On Thursday 17 December 2015, as part of a new production for the RegioYoung exhibition dedicated to children, Pinocchio Opera debuted at Parma’s Regio Theatre with great success, with two performances on the first day and two additional plays for the families on December 18 and 19.

On this occasion as well the opera took place under the auspices of the Carlo Collodi Foundation.

The careful direction of Stefano De Luca, assisted by Linda Riccardi, with scenic elements and costumes by Carla Ricotti, have also contributed in creating an inspiring and active atmosphere for this new Italian edition of the Opera.

The characters’ interpreters of this edition are : Giovanna Iacobellis (Pinocchio), Daniele Cusari (Geppetto, Mangiafuoco), Beatrice Mezzanotte (Talking Cricket), Caterina Poggini (Blue Fairy), Dorela Cela (Cat), Eugenio Maria Degiacomi (Fox). The Opera has been led by Stefano Franceschini on the podium, while Beniamina Carretta prepared the children’s choir from Parma’s Giuseppe Verdi Chorale.
To further enrich the program, the Regio Theatre also organized a workshop in the Scenography Room held for primary school students.