Ringparabel in Teatro Bellini, Naples (Italy)


In February 2019 at the Teatro Bellini in Naples Gloria Brunis Ringparabel Symphony took place as a ballet. The story is inspired by the parable of the ring, as told in “Nathan the Wise” by Lessing and in “Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Mini-Opera “The Magical Pancake” at the Staatsoper Hamburg


With the extraordinary direction of Kent Nagano, on 22 December 2018 the public of the Hamburg State Opera House attended the first of “The Magical Pancake” (Der Verzauberte Pfannkuchen “), mini-opera inspired by an ancient fable, which has its roots in the magical North European atmospheres.

Ringparabel in Selinunte (Italy)


Gloria Bruni´s Ringparabel-Symphony, history of spirituality, welcome, respect for life and for the doctrine has thus become a work for music, theater and dance and was staged in summer 2018 with seven dancers and one actor inside the Archaeological Park of Selinunte and in that of Heraclea Minoa directed by Aurelio Gatti.



The hymn for freedom “Li(e)bertas” is a composition for choir and orchestra written for the project Weltschal (literally “world scarf”). Symbol of this project is a very long scarf made entirely out of flags of 207 different countries, produced by volunteers from around the world.

At the Bottom of the World

Having worked together since many years because of the musical “The Thorn Birds“ and the opera “Cleopatra“ Gloria Bruni became a very good friend of Australia’s best-known writer Colleen McCullough.
One of Colleen´s last works were the words for the song “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD“ , an anthem for Australia composed for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra.

Bell Song


On 5 July 2014, in the church of St. Katharina, one of the most important churches in Hamburg, the composition “Glockenlied” for Choir and Orchestra was performed with the original sounds of the bells of the 5 largest churches in Hamburg, St Michaelis, St Katharina, St. Nikolai, St. Jacobi and St. Petri.

Angel of God – Bach/Bruni


In December 2013, Gloria Bruni’s aria “Angelo di Dio (Angel of God)”, a meditation on Bach’s Air from the Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major for solo soprano, string quartet and guitar was premiered at a charity event organized by the Phönikks Foundation.