Music is a universal language. The individual human being, with her feelings, her faith and her hopes is always at the centre of this universe


Gloria Bruni is on a journey of exploration looking for the most appropriate musical and emotional expression, drawing on elements of inspiration from diverse musical and literary forms, thanks to her experience as a musician playing different musical instruments and as a classically trained singer.

“Music in all its expressions is a universal language for me and the individual human being, with her feelings, her faith and her aspirations, is the centre of this universe”.

As a composer, Gloria has in recent years produced works in four different musical forms: the “Requiem a Roma“, the musical “The Thorn Birds“, the opera “Pinocchio” and the “Symphony No.1 – Ringparabel “.



The power of music

It is the universal power of music that can touch us from birth in our deepest inner self, regardless of any social and cultural background. Music can be understood instantly – in any language, barrier-free, limitless.

The music of Gloria Bruni tries to take her audience on a  journey full of emotions and epic images. Her works are characterized by stylistic versatility, recognizable by their own musical DNA.


Sinfonia No. 1 Ringparabel

Teatro Regio di Parma: Pinocchio

Requiem a Roma