On Saturday, 11th December 2021, as part of the celebrations of the 1600th anniversary of Venice, sponsored by the Patriarchate of Venice, a concert by composer and soprano Gloria Bruni took place in the Temple of Santa Lucia to mark the reopening of the Temple to the public after major restoration work lasting more than a year.
The great expectation for the event and the large public turnout (in compliance with anti-Covid regulations) characterised the evening.
Accompanied by the ” Nova Lux ” musical ensemble, Gloria Bruni performed compositions from the late baroque period as well as her own compositions, including the world premiere of ” Madre Mia” .

Nova Lux 5

” I am happy to be able to bring my music back to Italy after the long lockdown period, ” said Gloria Bruni. ” Venice has always been a source of inspiration for me, and that is why we have started a collaboration with the Patriarchate to realise world premiere concerts in other important churches in Venice.
In particular, during this period of reflection I composed a piece dedicated to the Basilica della Salute, which will be performed in the near future and which aims to invoke the protection of the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the city of Venice, in these times of great uncertainty” .