On 27 April 2023, the German premiere of “Fragments of Creation” took place in the main church of St. Katharinen in Hamburg.

The work was inspired by conversations between the composer and scientists at DESY (German National Centre for Nuclear and Particle Physics).
“Fragments of Creation” is Gloria Bruni’s musical contribution to humanity’s search for answers to questions about the origin of the universe, life and humanity, and shares a concern for the future of our planet as a place worth living.
As a brief introduction to the concert, representatives from science and religion gave their views on the origin of the universe, Prof. Beate Heinemann, Director of Particle Physics at DESY in Hamburg, and Pastor Frank Engelbrecht.
At this concert, the main church of St. Katharinen (similar to the church of St. Fantin in Venice) was more than just a concert hall: it was a place charged with spiritual meaning, inviting deep reflection on the question of whence and whither and the possibility or impossibility of being.

The orchestra Symphoniker Hamburg performed under the direction of Wolf Kerschek (conductor) and the International Choir Academy under the direction of Rolf Beck.
Together with the Choir Academy, a specially formed choir of DESY scientists performed “Formula del Tutto” for orchestra and choir, set to music by Gloria Bruni, dedicated to the important “Lagrange formula”, a physical formula that attempts to describe the behaviour of the fundamental forces of nature in a single mathematical formula.

The large audience was enthralled by Gloria Bruni’s composition on the theme of “Creation”, which was thought-provoking and thought-provoking.