The journey of ‘Pinocchio’ around the world continues

The opera, written by Gloria Bruni with libretto by Ursel Scheffler and orchestration by Lauro Ferrarini, will be performed again at the Teatro del Lago in Chile, one of the most important cultural centres in South America, after its success in Hamburg, Naples, Parma, London and Minsk.

For the staging, the story, inspired by Carlo Collodi’s work, was mixed with Chilean traditions, combining opera and choral songs, contemporary dance and circus experience. The Spanish adaptation was signed by Camila Botero.

The opera had already been performed in a shortened version last November 2022 thanks to an important synergetic work between musical director Helmuth Reichel Silva, choir directors Margot Pares Reyna and Jessica Rivas, choreographer Rita Rossi and José Còrdova of the Circo Frutillar and the set design by La Llave Maestra.

Given its great success, ‘Pinocchio’ will therefore be performed in the same Teatro del Lago in its complete form on 3 November 2023.