The premiere of “Fragments of Creation” by German composer-soprano Gloria Bruni was held in the church of San Fantin in Venice on October 24, 2022:

The concert took place under the patronage of the DESY in Hamburg, one of the world’s leading scientific research centers on particle physics, and the Patriarchate of Venice.

A significant introductory dialogue was put a the beginning of the concert presented by Don Gianmatteo Caputo, Patriarchal Delegate for Cultural Heritage of Venice, and moderated by M° Ettore Borri, pianist and musicologist, on the theme of the creation of the world.

Prof. Dr. Beate Heinemann, Director in charge of Particle Physics at DESY in Hamburg, was invited to speak as a scientific speaker, and the Venetian Patriarchate Biblical scholar Fr. Steven Ruzza was invited as a religious speaker.

The music chosen from the opera “CREAZIONE – Creation” was specially selected for the event. 

From the ”INIZIO – Beginning” to the “Formula di Tutto  – Formula of Everything” (dedicated to Lagrange‘s important formula) a musical and conceptual discourse is developed that sees both the scientific and religious themes proceeding hand in hand, with continuous interpretative crossovers.

The music was performed, to great public acclaim, by the “Arcangelo Corelli” orchestra of Ravenna under the direction of Venetian M° Marco Comin and the Trentino Philharmonic Choir conducted by M° Sandro Filippi.