Katherine Choral

On June 13, 2013, the first Katharinenchorals of Gloria Bruni took place in the church of St. Katharinen as part of the “Katharina feiert” event. The choral was composed based on the words of the Hamburg poet Hans Leip.

Aria “Ave Maria”

March 25, 2007 at the occasion of Solemnity of the Annunciation of Our Lady of Nazareth, the aria “Ave Maria” premiered in the Annunciation Basilica of Nazareth, the largest church in the Holy Land with Gloria Bruni singing the solo part of her own work


Gloria Bruni composed the opera “Pinocchio” with a libretto by Ursel Scheffler, an important German author of books for children.
Pinocchio is a work for children “from 6 to 99 years” written with the intent to bring them closer to listening to the work.
The work has the patronage of the Collodi foundation.

Rosary Prayers

Rosary Prayers is a cycle of prayers in different languages including “Pater Noster” “Ave Maria”, “Salve Regina”, which is part of the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Requiem a Roma

“Requiem in Rome” is a composition in the form of mass, written for choir and orchestra and soloists.
The first performance took place in November 2000 (the year of the Jubilee) in the Vatican in the “Sala Nervi” in the presence of Pope John Paul II.
Requiem in Rome was subsequently performed in Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Palestine, Israel and Belarus.